Posting Photos FAQ

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Posting Photos FAQ

Postby ian » Mon Sep 04, 2006 10:58 am

Alrighty, here is a FAQ for posting pictures. Let me know if there are any points that need to be added. Thats the beauty of a FAQ!

Step one: So you have your saved picture to your computer. Make sure you have saved it as a JPG file. Also ensure your photo isnt too large. You can edit it in Paint or a good photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop etc. I often make my photos 400x400 Pixels wide. This ensures the filesize is relatively small and doesnt take forever for viewers to download them. Something in the order of 100Kb is quite ok.

Step two: You need to upload these pictures to the internet. Often there are free places you can host pictures. is a popular one. I myself use a friends server. Will ring my internet provider as they have 15mb of space reserved for me. The free sites mean you sign up, then it will have a section to upload. It will be a window that has "browse" as an option, find the picture on your hard drive and hit the upload button.

Step three: Once its uploaded, view the picture on the internet site. Right click on it and select properties. This will bring up a window. In the middle of this window is a section: Address (URL). With your mouse, highlight the address, say Right click on the highlighted area and select copy.

Step four: Now go to Garden Express and begin a new thread. Type away. Then have "hey this is my picture" etc etc use the img tags. type [img] and then rightclick and paste the said URL. At the end of the url type [/ img] to close it off. So it looks like so:

[img][/ img]

(minus any spaces, have your file names as short words with no dots etc)

Finish your post and hit Submit. Or Preview to check it all worked.

Amendment (thanks Luzy):

From the Photobucket forums FAQ: Q: Are free accounts ever deleted?
A: Free accounts that are not logged into or have not had any direct links for 90 days are removed. To avoid this, log in to your account once a month.

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