Advertising and promotion

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Advertising and promotion

Postby ian » Mon Sep 04, 2006 12:14 pm

As a matter of courtesy the Forums cannot be used to promote other web sites, particularly those that have a conflict of interest with Garden Express. The url of non-commercial websites can be included in a member's profile if it is of direct relevance to them as an individual and has no potential for a conflict of interest with Garden Express.

References to other web sites in posts must be relevant to the topic being discussed and be for information purposes rather than promotion. Common sense and courtesy will provide sufficient guidance in most cases. Posts deemed inappropriate for these or other reasons are subject to deletion without notice and repeat offenders will be banned from use of the Forums. Reference to products or services in the context of discussing genuine topics may be permitted at the discretion of the site moderators and admins.

Memberships which appear to have been created primarily for the purpose of promoting other web sites or fascilitating SPAM will be deleted without warning.

Links or references to other sites are not to be incorporated into the profile signature appearing at the bottom of your posts.

As stated in the membership agreement, members submitting promotional posts are liable for advertising charges at Garden Express' commercial rates.
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