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This forum is for newcomers to the Forums to find out more about using the Garden Express Forums. It contains some general guidelines and hints on making the most of the Forums. It SHOULD NOT be used for posting queries or general chat.

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Forum Etiquette

Postby ian » Mon Sep 04, 2006 1:10 pm

The following guidelines are listed to help make your use of the Garden Express Forums enjoyable for both you and the other members. Good manners and common sense should always apply when using the Forums:

1. Do not post anything that is offensive, defamatory or infringes copyright or similar.

2. Always post a new topic on the most appropriate Forum. Try not to repeat an existing topic by searching for your topic prior to posting.

3. Do not stray from the topic with general chat or changing topics in mid thread.

4. General chat should be restricted to the Garden Log forum so as not to clutter the other Forums.

5. Be mindful that some members have slower speed connections - do not post or link to large images that will take a long time to download. Larger images should be placed on the Garden Gallery Forum. Members should note that this Forum containd posts with large and sometimes numerous images that will take time to download.

6. If content is not your own, please ensure you have permission from the copyright owner to use the material and conform to any requirements to acknowledge the source where re-use of the material is allowed. If in doubt as to whether content can be posted do not use it. This item applies to photos as well as textual material and applies to both Forum posts and the Gallery.

7. Do not post trivial chat that is of limited interest to other members - use private mail (PMs) for chatter that is only of interest to the two involved in the conversation. This minimises the clutter that has to be read by other members when seeking information of interest.

8. If asking for advice about growing a plant or solving a garden problem, it is always important to include information about the region you live in as factors such as climate and soil type can make a big difference to those trying to give advice.
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