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Postby marysgarden » Fri Feb 17, 2012 9:21 am

hi garden gurus, i want some specific help please. When i plant all my bulbs, every instructions states plant autumn, winter, spring etc. However, i dont know when to plant them,each season has 3 months so do i plant them end of the seasons or the beginning. It might not be a problem for normal gardeners, however i have every single plant in pots, as my house is 2nd from the top of a massive old mountain/hill and every time it rains it gets extremely flooded and this is the only way i can have a garden. I run 400 odd pots so space does become an issue when i have over 500 bulbs to plant and pull up for storage. planting all at the same time limits me with space, so i am really trying to find out when to plant specifically, rather than have 200 pots at a time sitting there wondering when they will begin to grow and be fabulous. also when i pull some of them up after they have died off completely, sometimes there are roots still in the soil and i hesitate to pull them as i dont want to kill them. Can somebody please help me rather than just me guessing every season. Thanks for your time
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