Should I prune my Yucca, if so how?

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Should I prune my Yucca, if so how?

Postby Jonesy_sa » Sat Jul 28, 2012 12:35 pm

Hi all,

When i bought my house the only living thing seemed to be Yuccas, and everywhere. These two out the front being the oldest. 12 months ago (when i bought the house) they were allot shorter and pruned so that the trunk was clean and slender with a puff of green at the top. I was pleased when shoots and little yuccas popped up on the trunk as it made the whole thing allot greener. Two sticks with a bit of green at the top isnt the most appealing thing. Now it seems those little shoots have gone mad and starting to appear unsightly.
- what type of yucca is this, so i can narrow down my googling?
- Should I prune them? If i don't, will those smaller shoots continue to grow and just make a mess?
- Can this variety of yucca be shaped, if so does anyone have an image of an appealing design?
Its a bit hard to tell but the Yucca closest to the camera is actually leaning towards the camera. There are ones in the back yard which are doing the same and i presume is is due to wind direction.
Many thanks.

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Re: Should I prune my Yucca, if so how?

Postby AdamBorzy » Mon Aug 27, 2012 9:46 am

Not so sure but I guess what you have is Yucca Elephantipes.

The central plant may die but it will leave you with new plants around the stalk. Use hedge trimmers and cut the new plants before it gets too big.
Just make sure to cut the fibrous materials of the new Yucca plants.
BTW, Yucca is a really tough plant and spread really quickly.
Shaping a Yucca plant? I’m not so artistic about it – I just trim the plant at the bottom.
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