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Postby karin » Sun Mar 16, 2003 7:39 am

I planted some forget-me-nots with my bulbs and i need to know if you should remove them altogether from you garden or just let them go thanks

Time: Thu, 28 Nov 2002 03:48:36 UTC

Postby Pam » Sun Mar 16, 2003 7:40 am

Karin, you don't necessarily need to remove them. Depending on your climate they may carry through to next year - I've had them die off some years, but continue on in others.

They will start to look a bit weedy once they have been flowering for a bit, so you might want to give them a bit of a 'haircut' - not only will this tidy them up, but will also remove any seedheads, which can be a bit pesky if you have a long-haired cat or dog, in that they will stick to their fur - or your clothes for that matter.


Time: Thu, 28 Nov 2002 07:27:30 UTC

Postby Kerrie » Sun Mar 16, 2003 7:41 am

Forget-me-nots can become a real weed in the garden, they spread very quickly from year to year.
This is great if you like them, but they are insidious if you are trying to keep them contained to a certain area.
Once they have finished flowering, the seeds spread easily, so if you don't want them throughout your garden snip the heads before the seeds are released.

Time: Thu, 28 Nov 2002 12:49:12 UTC

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