lilly pilly is wilting and turning brown

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lilly pilly is wilting and turning brown

Postby Pulmonary » Mon Dec 23, 2019 8:59 am


Thank you for accepting me to the forum.
I have a 30m long lilly pilly hedge and I believe it is about 6-8 years old (I just moved in 6 months ago).
This is my first summer in this house. Previously I have murraya hedge and nothing like this happened to them in summer.

I have watered them using dripping system, 30min per time, 2 times per week. Using seasol weekly on the foliage. added mulch, sprayed drought shield on the leaves.
it only happened to a few of the shrubs, not all.

Any recommendation on how to minimize the damages especially under water restriction in Sydney?

Thanks in advance.
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