Grafting Callistemon Salignus

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Grafting Callistemon Salignus

Postby GoldenWattle » Wed Feb 09, 2011 1:36 pm

I have a yellow flowering Callistemon Salignus plant. I like the folliage, but there are a couple of drawbacks. Over time, this tree will grow larger than I'd like it to be. It should grow to 7m tall with a 5m spread. I like mine in it's current shape - 3m tall with a 1.5-2m spread. The other drawback for me is the flower colour. The pale yellow bottlebrush flowers aren't very striking and they only last 2-3 weeks in October. I was considering grafting Dawson River Weeper branches onto it.

Would anyone be able to recommend the height I should do the grafts, the type and the number of grafts I should attempt? I'm going on the basis of keeping the existing trunk (possibly cutting off the leader) and doing wedge grafts of branches to the trunk. Could I try to do them below existing branches to try to keep a similar shape (this being contingent on being able to find enough cutting material)? I wasn't looking at doing anything like an approach graft where the trunk above the graft is a different species, but I'm interested to hear which approaches are more likely to work.

This is going to be my second forray into grafting after a failed first attempt at T-budding a blood orange. I plan to try high grafts with grevilleas when my G Robustas get to the right height. I'm essentially looking to get in some practice and the callistemon is a plant I'm prepared to sacrifice. If anyone has ideas about other grafts I could attempt, I'm open to suggestions.

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