Gas damage - Gungurru/Eucalyptus Caesia

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Gas damage - Gungurru/Eucalyptus Caesia

Postby hhhhkau » Wed Jan 31, 2018 10:21 am

After a couple of years in a pot, we planted our Gungurru last autumn in our new home, making this its first summer in the ground. It had been growing incredibly well, really thriving in the full sun. I had been watering it as per the suggested frequency for the tree's first summer. It had grown to 2.5ish m tall with a couple of bigger branches curving down in that iconic way.

Following those couple of intense days of Melbourne heat a week or two back, the large majority of the leaves are looking worryingly dry and near-death, though a small portion of the leaves have retained full greenness on segments of the leaf only. A handful of dried leaves have fallen off. The smaller branches have now lost that redness. I thought it was weather-related decline, but now it appears the result of a gas leak.

We identified a leak in the gas box/pipe, which is in the corner of the yard. The same corner as the Gungurru and our now-dead Pittosporum tree (not sure of the variety) which died last year. We're having a plumber visit to look at the leak later today, but I wonder if there's any way to save the dying tree? We're so fond of this tree and wanted to see if there was anything to do to save it - I'm kind of assuming not. :(

Also - bit of a tangent, but if a leak is identified, is there any onus on the gas company to address it/compensate us?

Thanks for reading.
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