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beginner gardener tip

Postby Forum_mod » Tue Mar 11, 2003 4:50 pm

I have only been gardening for approximately 2-3 years, and my memory for garden information is terrible. I\'m alway trying to remember when I fertilised, or pruned, or when such and such a plant flowered last year. Or how long from planting annuals to flowering, and did I plant early or late last year, etc.

So to try to overcome these problems, I\'m going to start an exercise book and head up a double page for every month of the year.

On each month i\'ll jot down the little things, from when plants budded, to flowering, to dates planted, or pruned, or what the weather was like \(particularly cold or hot months\), which compost or manure i used, and what the results were, etc, etc.

This is a cheap and handy reference guide, especially for those of us just starting to learn the many aspects, and tips of gardening.

Hope this might be useful,
Happy Gardening.

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