White Geranium wanted - FOUND

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White Geranium wanted - FOUND

Postby Wanderer » Fri Aug 02, 2013 10:09 am

Hi all
Well we've been in the new house about 4 weeks now and have almost unpacked all the boxes

Have spent a couple of days in the garden although I use the term 'garden' loosely :roll:
Apart from a few jonquils in the back and some Silver Birch and ornamental fruit trees in front there really is no garden to speak of.
Mostly pulling out old rose bushes and some really ugly other stuff as well as Privet and Gazania. Ugh

Really want to start getting my 'white' garden started (the most white I have had so far has been frost lol) but the garden centre here is outrageously priced too (no competition) so I might have to grow a lot of stuff from seed. Biggest nearby town is Wagga which is 100k's away so can't just nick out to the nursery or hardware as I was used to :(

Just wondered if anyone had any white ivy geranium cuttings they could spare? (I can't believe how much people want to charge on evil bay just for a cutting :shock: then you pay postage on top of that!
Or white anything actually?
More than happy to pay postage and packaging

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