Automatic Plant Care Systems

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Automatic Plant Care Systems

Postby tomandmichael » Fri Aug 19, 2016 8:38 pm

Hi folks, a friend and I are doing a university assignment and are thinking of designing and making a plantable "Plant Care System". It would use pumps (powered by a battery that is recharged using solar power) to water and feed the plant from internal reservoirs that can be refilled by the user on sparse occasions (or even using a rainwater catchment system to refill the water tank). It will also have a number of sensors to monitor soil quality and light levels ensuring the plant is able to survive. Another proposed feature that we are looking into is smartphone connectivity for monitoring plant health and receiving notifications regarding reservoir levels and how appropriate the light level is.

We were wondering if we could get some advice from those of you who have used self watering plant pots or soil monitoring systems previously, more specifically what features you liked and didn't like about them. Any ideas for features are appreciated, as ridiculous or simple as they may seem, as bouncing ideas around is the best way to come up with new ones.

We also have to do market research, so we have a survey that it would be much appreciated if you could spare a minute to complete it at

Thanks so much for your time :D
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