Turf underlay /topsoil

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Turf underlay /topsoil

Postby Schniz2 » Wed Jan 18, 2017 12:16 pm


I am laying some palmetto turf soon and everyone I ask tells me to put something different under it.
My soil is very well draining and quite sandy.. Its in a 14 year old housing development so it's probably cheap turf underlay.
I don't know whether to take 50-100mm off and replace it all with different soil or just take the grass off (it's all poisioned) and then till a smaller layer of soil and manure into the existing soil.
I'm not sure what soil to use.
The local soil place has the following options, plus straight horse or chicken manure.
Turf Underlay" - blend of coarse sand, chicken manure and compost $45 m3
"Composted garden soil" - 50/50 blend of compost and fine and coarse sands $55 m3
"Potting mix" - A mix of organic (premium) soil, coarse ash and coarse river sand $70 m3

Otherwise I can get dark silty river soil for $20/tonne - nutritious but I was worried it might not let much oxygen get to the roots.

I am laying 270sq.m. Of turf so would need about 20m3 for a 75mm layer... Am conscious of cost but want something that will be low maintenance in the future.
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Re: Turf underlay /topsoil

Postby abwal » Wed Jan 25, 2017 6:38 pm

The 'poisoned' bit worries me. What poison was used?

If the poison has not done too much damage, it may be possible to lay the new turf on the bare ground you have. Most top-dressing for lawns is usually sandy soil with, sometimes, lawn food added. You may do just as well if you spread a good lawn fertilizer (e.g. TROPIC) on the bare ground, according to directions given on product packet, and lightly raking the surface. Water well before laying the turf and keep damp until the turf begins to grow well.
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