Top 7 Best Mouse Traps Must Choose In 2017

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Top 7 Best Mouse Traps Must Choose In 2017

Postby Julia_Garden » Sun Aug 27, 2017 9:03 pm

When you have a mouse infestation, your first instinct may be to immediately phone a pest control professional to take care of the problem. But that decision in itself is a problem – too inconvenient and too costly! So, if you want to know more about how to prevent a mice infestation, read this page. Otherwise, let's get into the cheaper alternative in getting rid of these pesky little rodents, mouse traps!

Most house calls will likely set you back a couple of hundred bucks for an initial assessment. And then, once they have set up bait stations, they will charge you another fee (probably a hundred bucks or more) every time they visit your home to empty the trap and reset it. This is not something that you'd want to keep doing if you have an infestation in your property consistently. Your bill will be stacking up really big, really fast. This is just unnecessary expense on your part that you could be spending else where. So, that is why knowing which mousetraps to buy and how to set it up is so important these days. It's such a money-saver!

Different Types of a Mouse Trap
There are different types of mouse traps that you might choose from, and these types are as follow:

Electronic Mouse Traps
These traps are battery-powered, and they would use bait to attract and so catch the mouse inside them. Then, it would kill the critter by electrocuting the mouse. This current will deliver a humane kill particularly once compared to other types. This is the right model to consider if you are an animal activist.

Snap Mouse Traps
These traps are used for over 100 years and are simple devices loaded with which have a baiting-platter as well as a "kill device" that is either a spring-released kill bar or the serrated kill jaw that snaps back on the rodent powerfully. And this catches and kills the mouse. This one is indeed an incredible and powerful product and also efficient one in catching little pests.

Glue Mouse Traps
These come either as glue boards and glue trays that contain scented sticky substances which attract rodents to step into them. If the mouse has stepped to the sticky surface, an attempt to release itself would further draw it on the tray or board, therefore, sealing its fate permanently.

Multiple Catch Traps
This type of traps is used to catch as well as hold multiple mice in a single contraption. They actually don’t kill the rodents, rather, they are ideal for catching and releasing infestation control operations. If the mouse enters the trap, there is no way out but only through human intervention.

Mouse Baiting Traps
These are known to be containers which hold mainly developed rat bait which act as the slow poison. If the rat has ingested the bait, it would be able to slip out and escape the trap. And the slow-acting designed poison is intended to kill the mouse away from the area wherein the poison is put out.

Top 7 Best Mouse Traps Review

#01. JT Eaton 409 BULK Jawz Plastic Mouse Trap – Best Product for Quality
#02. Snap-E Mouse Trap – Best Product for Cleaning and Disposal
#03. Intruder 30442 The Better Mousetrap – Best Product for Safety
#04. The Mouse Hotel Humane Mousetrap – Best Product for Ease of Use
#05. Victor Quick Kill Mouse Trap – Best Product for Outdoor and Indoor Use
#06. Pestrax Electronic Mouse Trap -- Best Product for Efficiency
#07. Mouse Trap, Rodent Traps For Mouse Control– Best Product for Effectiveness

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