AussieVegetables Versus European.

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AussieVegetables Versus European.

Postby abrogard » Thu Nov 16, 2017 6:10 pm

Struggling to grow vegetables successfully and failing and eventually giving up I've come to realise an obvious truth:

all our veges are European.

We are struggling to grow foreigners where they simply aren't suited.

Got a laugh out of it here and there. First year we tried Bok Choy, you know? goes by various names but that lovely Chinese vege that makes a stir fry? It went insane. On a chicken manured patch of ground. Just went crazy. Zoomed out of the ground and roared to amazing heights without ever being coarse or stringy or anything to the taste.

But: next year the pests knew it was there.

And nothing could survive. It required full scale chemical warfare to grow the stuff. They came from everywhere. They came in platoons and legions, regiments and battalions.

And the weather turned back to the norm, too: dry. And it required mucho water. Cost twice as much in water alone as it's worth in the super market.

So that was great. Enjoyed that. A real lesson. Lively, you know? Learned heaps, all kinds of new experiences, new 'friends' discovered, etc...

But it made me think about it. And view the neighbouring market garden fields. How lovely they look, with their undulating pleasant spread of green beneath the shimmering spray of their watering. Daily. Thousands of gallons.

And tractors towing great containers of chemicals and spraying them. On what? A weekly, monthly, bi-monthly basis? I don't know, but frequently.

And I thought about them all. Cabbage. Lettuce. Cucumber. Peas. Beans. Broccoli. Even potatoes.

The nation generally lives on a handful of vegetables all of which are European. And we battle constantly to be able to do it.

Now how about Aussie vegetables? Are there any?

I've heard of bush tucker. I used to watch the bush tucker show. But everything I remember seeing was kinda disappointingly small, sparse, hard to find, all that kind of thing.

Which might simply be the natural way of things, I understand that. A bush tomato is a very different thing to a cultivated tomato. Or a crab apple for that matter.

So perhaps there's natural Aussie vegies out there than could be cultivated to make bigger, better produce in the same way we've cultivated the European stuff?

Is there? Anyone running their household on a diet of natural Australian vegetables?

Grown in your backyard, or on the farm? Cultivated, not wild?

i.e. where's indigenous agriculture? Today? Thriving? Extinct? Absent?
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