Help recovering African Violets from Nitrogen Overload

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Help recovering African Violets from Nitrogen Overload

Postby InsanityShard » Fri Feb 23, 2018 5:41 pm

So I bought and planted my African Violets in about November, and only figured out recently their off growth hadn't been from the fact the seller had crammed 5 into one pot and 4 into another, the pots being far smaller than the plants themselves.. I accidentally potted them in a mix with fertiliser already in it. They have Nitrogen Overload. After I repot them, what can I do? I still need another pot, too, to give them a fair bit of room. I have them still 4 in one pot, 5 in the other, they'd almost been stuck together when I repotted them in the first place, and since being in their current pots were able to spread. The one that I had to fully change the soil of (It was infested with many unknown parasites) is doing far worse too. All the leaves are pale, solid light green and curled, and they've developed thin stalks wiht leaves coming off it almost like a branch or trunk (not the same as the palm like root trunk that can form). Even if that's permanent, I want my plants to recover. Their current pots are orchid pots, they get decent light, and I don't always use the same water. The filtered water here lacks things like magnesium, while the tap water has too much calcium, and the fish tanks soft water has enough nutrients for anything to thrive. So I tend to give them a bit of everything. They're indoor plants usually watered using a pot tray, and the topsoil is covered with light plastic gravel to help keep it moist for longer. They get watered once every two weeks or so, letting the soil dry mostly between waterings. The room they're in has very high humidity, and aside from the colour and curling the leaves are growing well but slowly. I prune any leaves that show any necrosis or damage, which is rare.
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