Sir Walter Buffalo - Gone to seed how to recover.

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Sir Walter Buffalo - Gone to seed how to recover.

Postby Shappman » Mon Mar 26, 2018 2:43 pm

Hello everyone -

Hoping someone knows a little about buffalo lawn maintenance...

Basically I have a rental. I had the backyard laid with Sir Walter Buffalo.

The tenant was meant to maintain it.

At the three monthly inspection last week I found he hadn’t mowed it regularly.
I’ve shown up and it’s all short hard stalks (chopped off seeds) with thin grass left behind.

Basically it got mowed once just before the inspection and it had been let go to seed.

He’s said hes not sure what happened and has been mowing it every 2 weeks.

I’m going to have someone look after it from now but what’s the best way to recover, get rid of all the hard see stalks that are now all over the place.

Just keep mowing every 2 weeks and putting down seasol?

It’s summer so I guess the heat stress caused it to go to seed as well as not mowing didn’t do it any favors.

Any advice or pointers would be great. I’m in perth so it’s hot and dry all the time lol.

The base soil has 1 tonne of clay so it’s got excellent water retention properties and prep soil was the good stuff.
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