couldnt be easier !

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couldnt be easier !

Postby Forum_mod » Fri Mar 14, 2003 12:31 pm

I\'ve been selling bulbs through the bulbexpress fundraiser brochure, and found a number of people convinced they cant grow them.
For anyone who has that concern, i have grown beautiful snowdrops, blubells and crocuses which i didnt even know were in my garden!
Recently i moved into a house in dry sunny adelaide, and didnt pay much attention to the garden for the first year - the dirt in the back yard is dry clay and i cant even get a spade into it without soaking it with the hose first.
Then one day in spring i went outside and was shocked to find bright pink crocuses scattered in the garden beds. These were soon followed by many
snowdrops, and later pretty bluebells appeared under trees.
Note that they had not been watered for at least 10 months \(besides rain\), nor had i fertilized or tended them in any way. It cant be easier than that!
So be encouraged, plant anything you like and see what nature will do :-\)

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Subject: couldnt be easier !
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