What to do next?

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What to do next?

Postby lmrk » Fri Jan 02, 2009 12:05 pm

Happy New Bonsai Year to all those bonsai lovers on the forum!!!! :mrgreen: May your foliage pads be full and predator free and your trunks spontaneously bend themselves into desired shapes! (yn)

Need some advice please. I've never grown anything from seed before, so please be gentle :D . Sowed some sacred & small leafed figs in October and they are well and truly on their way:

Sacred figs:

Small leafed figs:

As the figs are getting bigger and bigger, and due to the addition of the ragdoll kittens to the home, the figs are now in desperate need of planting up before they become entrenched kitten chairs and get squashed to death under the kittens' ever increasing weight:

Sidney James Vicious:


Johnny Kurt Rotten:


Lets play "use the hot house as a novelty toy":


So what should I do with these figlets? They've spent their whole life indoors in the little propagation hot houses, so I was thinking of potting them up into little seedling pots and putting them into another hothouse:


Does this sound like the right thing to do? Also, there are heaps of each figlet. If I planted 2 figs in each of the seedling pots, would this be ok (from the perspective of them joining up and making bigger trees in the long term) or should I only pot one in each pot?

Thanks for your advice in advance!

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Re: What to do next?

Postby imonetwo » Fri Jan 02, 2009 4:07 pm

I transplant mine after a few months,I use a pair of tweezers as they are usually just a root and the first true leaves,its a good idea to put them in their own pots so they have plenty of room to grow.
I wouldnt leave them in hothouses, its time now for them to be hardened off and used to a more natural climate,and, as they grow you can use the sun to create different trunk shapes.
Most of mine are already potted and spend most really warm days inside and cooler days outside. I have found that they seem to love the shade rather than full sun,however I have so many inside now that like you I have to watch them as my cat eats them :(

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