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Bonsai Surgery

Postby alpinebonsart » Sat Jan 03, 2009 11:17 am

This is a transformation of a yamadori pine i have the pleasure of crafting into what will be a Master-piece in a year or two . I have atempted to upload numerous pics however they were not successful so for the full view you will have to visit my Blog. {better quality pictures ,double click on pics for close-up detail} and i promise to learn how to upload to this site , so you can see the full transformation of my works.Anyway this pine was collected in Winter last year , it was a roadside choptop and had the top branch taking over as a new leader . I basically removed the old stub and with a coping saw removed a large " V " from the existing fork on the new leader to the topside of the of the secondary branch . Using aluminium splints and vise grips i closed the veneer together and placed cable ties around the trunk and splints , then using 2 solid brass screws i screwed the join together. They will remain permanently inside the trunk hence solid brass or stainless should only be used not coated screws. I sealed the graft with wound sealer and wired the trunk into the desired shape . I will now be allowed to grow on for a year or so and further training will take place over Winter 2009 . This entire process took a mere 2 hours to perform . Well back to the drawing board for the next challenge . Cheers Ian
No reduction of the folige due to the extreme heat to maintain sap flow
rectifying trunk to a uniform thickness
removal of the inner part of the trunk to reduce unsightly swelling of the trunk
No reduction of the folige due to the extreme heat to maintain sap flow
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