Layering/root cuttings

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Layering/root cuttings

Postby alpinebonsart » Sun Jan 04, 2009 9:06 am

Hi fellow Bonsaist i'm the new "old bloke on the block" Spreading the word from personal experience trimming , training ,collecting and growing Bonsai . Self taught with no assistance from classes only the willingness to learn from my mistakes and enjoying every moment . I have began to improve the radial roots on many of my trees . I follow very few rules and rarely fail to achieve a result ,{rules are ment to be broken} as with the principals i use some .

My entire collection of tools for bonsai consist of a pair of concave cutters and thats it . Mind you i do use a chainsaw , handsaw , pliers , axe , drill , router , die grinder coping saw , cable ties ,blow torch and a good sharp knife . I have yet to use bonsai wire as buying it by the kilometer would not be possible. I have an electrician mate who privides electrical cables of all different diameters and materials ,i simply aneal the copper or aluminium and reuse as many time as i can by re-aneal and staightening as has been demoed in " how to" .I find cuttings a simple challenge i hope to upload pics to show a simple severed root placed into bonsai mix from my Chinese Elm and placing a bottle over the top has produced new shoots .

Heck when i root prune i use the same area and cover with soil within months i have little starters popping up in the terraces . No skill needed. Trident Maples , most Elms and figs are like Noxious weeds "cant killem with Kero" is a phrase but applies to a lot of bonsai material thats why it is used .Training is the hard part . When it comes to improving the radial roots i do it in the pot or at repotting .When repotting the rules say winter / spring i remove large roots paint downward cuts with a wound sealer and upward cuts with Hormone Gel/powder and nick and cut "hack if you like" the area i want roots to grow painting these as well . You can always cut roots off if they are not required .

As with air layering i simply ringbark the tree or branch make a cone shaped bag with bubble wrap taping to the trunk to seal . I then fill the base to the ringbark with spagnum moss ,paint the wound with hormone gel/powder then cover and fill to the top with moss and seal with duct tape/electrical tape . Insure there is a drain hole in the bottom of the bag or the roots will rot . To water i use a plastic syringe and insert it at the top of the bag ,available at the chemist Not "JUNKY KIT" THEY ARE ABOUT 10ML SYRINGES USED FOR BABIES . is something i started before Eric informed me about this site Worth a look Cheers Ian
A simple root cutting from a Chinese Elm 3 WEEKS OLD removed from broom style Elm .
Various layering methods including root and air to improve roots or remove tops for raft style group plantings
This was retrieved 5 years ago from the terrace were i root prune my bonsai ..A severed root from a Chinese Elm ,self struck and untrained i will place back into the ground to grow-on training and wiring to remove the harsh bends . Good starter terrible union at the base replacing into the ground will blow the trunk out a conceal the union between old root and new tree
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