Bonsai from Rejected Nursery Stock

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Bonsai from Rejected Nursery Stock

Postby alpinebonsart » Sun Jan 04, 2009 10:49 am

Hi everyone , hows it chopping/// . Here is a few of my Picea Abies {Norway Spruce x 4 and Alberta Globe},these pot plants were rejected / neglected nursery stock i purchased off a little old lady who has a healthy obsession with collecting sick /damaged trees from around the area . For an indepth look at the transformation go to Http:// check out "Nursery Stock Transformation"as i have already gone through the motions there and as an amatuer at all things including the use of a computer i dont really want to retype the whole series.I wll however explain in future to the best of my ability on this site simple tasks and know hows as experienced by me. These Bonsai and starters/trainers have only been in my collection for 5 months and in that time i have transformed them from shockers to rockers . In particular the formal upright in the light brown terra pot has had 4 completely new growth spurts since August of 2008 and has had more than 80%percent ,yes 80% of the foliage remove over 4 months .They say no more than 20% should be remove . See i do break all the rules . It is currently going through another growth spurt although small that is 5 full growths
in 1 season .Im talking completely new shoots from old woody parts of the branches not secondary shoots off new growth . As with my Maples i defolinate up to 4 times in a season
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