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Group plantings

Postby alpinebonsart » Sun Aug 02, 2009 8:49 am

Hi everyone time to add to the collection . I have been busy re-potting , restyling and collecting trees .where do i find the time .Here is some of the progress of some groups that have been put together over the last few years .They are making good progress and i hope with all the efforts i have put into the wind shelters and greenhouses that the weather wont take its toll as it did last year .
Atlas Cedars ,the eldest is 18 years middle is 15 years and the little one is a couple .They were part of an original large forest planting that has been reduced and altered over the last 12 years . Basically over potted for an expected hot summer and to give the tree time to grow on .They will not be trimmed or wired after winter .
This is the original group of Cedars that was started about 97' from 2-3 year old seedlings .It have endured extreme temps and winds over the last decade.
This elm group was put together12 months ago as a 5 group planting . It was replanted onto a slab of granite as a 7 group. I have intentions of adding a few smaller trees on the outer to improve the overall appearance and balance .These trees were cut back to the trunks void of all branches ,except for 1 -2 branches on a couple of suspect trees .They have responded well for the first season .
.I have done numerous other groups as well as the ones here .With time running out i have planted well over 7500 seeds ,Crab apple ,Mugo ,Pinus Resinosa , Pinus Thunbergiana , Maples ,Trident,Palmatum,Japonica , American Hornbeams , Elms and many more .Happy Bonsai Alpine
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