green island fig propagation

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green island fig propagation

Postby dolicus » Mon Aug 03, 2009 8:37 pm

I have 20 large green island figs they are growing very well, I propergated these plants 20years ago
I have layered some which has worked well.
I have a ovate leaf type which has a smaller round leaf.
This plant has developed seed which has ripened and droped off.
I would like to grow these seeds are there any tips in the planting these seeds.
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Re: green island fig propagation

Postby taffyman » Mon Aug 03, 2009 8:59 pm

Hi Dolicus. It's highly probable that the seeds aren't viable. Each fig needs a particular species of wasp to fertilize the flowers and as the Green Island isn't native to your area there's a great chance the necessary species of wasp isn't around. It is a remote possibility for other wasps to do it, but unlikely.

Don't let me put you off though, anything is worth a try. If you let the fruit dry right out then crush them up in your hands (don't use anything hard otherwise you run a great risk of destroying the very fine seeds as well), you can then sprinkle the 'dust' onto some seed raising mix and put another very thin coating of mix over them. If they're viable, they should start sprouting in a few weeks at the most.

I've found that Green Islands are one of the easiest of the fig species to propagate. Cuttings strike very readily and air-layering is also highly successful on them. They also graft well.

By doing some research, I found the botanical name is Microcarpa Crassifolia var: Green Island - and there are also other variations: Nitidia, Longisland, Vietnam and China. The Green Island is the only one with a rounded (sort of tear drop -no point at the tip) leaf. The others have a similar appearance, but narrower and come to a very blunt point.
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