YouTube bonsai!!!

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YouTube bonsai!!!

Postby lmrk » Sun Nov 11, 2007 4:00 pm

Having a look at YouTube yesterday and found a number of interesting bonsai videos

This guy is not the easiest to listen to - monotone voice which really grates after a while (he has about 12 videos on YouTube, but I only attached links to a couple). What I found fascinating is the "bonsai soil" he uses. Looks just like grit to me!!! :shock:

But he has some fanstastic trees!!:

I've never heard of Lindsay Farr, but he must have some kind of TV show (he has an Australian accent). In these videos, he takes you on a trip to a Japanese bonsai festival, Penjing bonsai garden in Shanghai, and interviews some Japanese bonsai experts and visits their gardens.

Enjoy (if you have dial up, good luck!!! :wink: )
Does a watched bonsai ever grow?
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