Which David Austin roses do you grow?

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Which David Austin roses do you grow?

Postby jimmy » Mon Jun 20, 2011 8:57 pm

Tell me, which DA roses do you have in your garden? I would love to hear how they perform in your garden, and how old they are.

-Mayor of Casterbridge (This coming spring will be it's 3rd year) - great spring flush. Healthy, vigorous , huge rose.
-St. Swithun (" " 2yr) - only gave me one spring flush. Hoping it will improve this year.
-Jude the Obscure(" " 2yr) - great scent - gets b/s but not as bad as compare to those hybrid tea roses.
-Comte de Champagne (" " 2yr) - good repeat, good disease resistance. Nice honey,myrrh scent.
-Abraham Darby ("" 2yr) - good repeat, smells delicious, after spring flush, it gets b/s.

I have tried growing 'Evelyn' three times, but they died. Not so cane hardy. Nice blooms though.
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Re: Which David Austin roses do you grow?

Postby Lou » Tue Jun 21, 2011 2:32 am

I have The following DA's, asterisks beside those that are favorites. Most are doing okay. I will hopefully add another 8 to that list this year. I have lost Comte de Champagne, Dove, and there's a third one I can't think of.

Belle Story **
Brother Cadfael
Charles Rennie McIntosh
Claire Rose
Crocus Rose **
Fisherman's Friend**
Gertrude Jekyll
Glamis Castle
Golden Celebration
Grace **
Graham Thomas
Happy Child
John Clare **
Jude The Obscure **
Lady of Megginch**
Lichfield Angel**
Lilac Rose
Mary Rose
New William Shakespeare
Sharifa Asma**
The Dark Lady**
The Herbalist **
The Pilgrim
The Squire
William Morris
William Shakespeare 2000
Winchester Cathedral
Yellow Charles Austin
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Re: Which David Austin roses do you grow?

Postby charlie_bruno » Fri Jul 05, 2013 12:56 pm

Just bought my first rose of the season..... The Wedgewood rose. I always had sharifa Asma and Heritage at my old place but did not take them when I moved. All 3 are softer pinks. Heritage always performed better for me with blooms. But they were only about 5 years old. Haven't tried roses here yet. About to give it a go though.
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Re: Which David Austin roses do you grow?

Postby Handed » Mon Sep 02, 2013 5:37 pm

My oldest David Austin rose is Molineux, which I transplanted from my brother's garden and had sitting in a large pot for several years before I finally put it in my garden last year. I'm not sure how old it is, but even half starved in a pot it had plenty of blooms, so I expect great things from it now it has put some deeper roots into good soil. Lovely perfume and beautiful colour, cute little rosette flowers and over a long season. It isn't very big, you could never train it to climb, but it's bushy and healthy.

My next oldest are The Alnwick Rose and Jude The Obscure, then Graham Thomas and Othello, which I had sitting in pots I bought them in for two to three years till I planted them last year. I can't judge them until they recover from their harsh treatment, however the fact that they survived so long in the pots shows how tough they are! Other roses I had in pots that long didn't survive. Othello hasn't flowered yet, so I'm waiting till it does before I can be sure it's really Othello, and not a sucker from below the graft. It's the right thorniness for Othello! It has put on vigorous growth and looks tough and healthy now. If it really is Othello, it has a lovely buttery leaf colour in Autumn before the leaves fall in my climate. Graham Thomas also put on lots of healthy growth, and flowered a great deal through Autumn till quite late. The flowers are really gorgeous, in nice sprays, and nicely perfumed! All of them get some blackspot if not sprayed at all, but not too badly.

This year I have planted a potted Lillian Austin from last year (very healthy and flowered in the pot), it's a showy bloom. I've put in bare rooted Claire Austin, Golden Celebration, Heritage, Falstaff and Munstead Wood. I'm about to plant bare rooted Abraham Darby, Evelyn, Pat Austin, Sir John Betjeman and a David Austin sport not released by him City of Ballarat. They have already started to shoot, they sent my order late, but since the last two roses they gave me for free along with three other free roses I'll not complain.

So far the best performer by far is Graham Thomas, though it's too early to judge most of them.
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