Red Cabbage Pickling etc... ?

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Red Cabbage Pickling etc... ?

Postby abrogard » Wed May 14, 2014 11:32 am

I've got some red cabbage heads finally, after about six months of waiting... I'd like to pickle them... memories of many years ago eating pickled red cabbage with Polish friends...

And maybe we'll pickle some of our cauliflower crop.

Now I know I can find out many things by going to the web, googling but I think we come to places like this to get a 'better' answer don't we?

Googling around I get page after page and I don't know which is 'best' or even right or wrong and they might not ask precisely the questions that I'm concerned about.

So I'll ask here and I hope that's okay, no one thinks - why didn't he just google it?

How to pickle caulies and cabbages?

What is the real danger of not doing it properly? Like one can get lost in safety precautions which, in the end, are sometimes unrealistic. Not necessary. To make a rather crude, perhaps rude example, no one would advise eating food off the floor and we all know it is dangerous, not desirable, etc.. and warn our children against it, etc...

But when we're in the bush by the campfire blundering around in the half dark and dodging the smoke and a snag or a chop hits the deck - how many of us have picked it up, dusted it off and eaten it?

Every digger I was in the army with did such.

And I never heard of anyone suffering.

So, for instance, we sometimes get old recipes for pickling and such 'this is the way they used to do it in the old country..' which no one is game to mention now because so apparently unhealthy.

We wanted to pickle pig legs, hams, for instance, in the old fashioned way but when I queried the method with the authorities they came out so strongly against it we shelved the idea. Because they frightened us into thinking if we shared our food with others - and how could you have home pickled ham without sharing? - it could possibly kill them and we'd be responsible...

But here and now I'd like to hear all anecdotes of such old methods.


Anyone have a real choice recipe?
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Re: Red Cabbage Pickling etc... ?

Postby abwal » Wed May 21, 2014 10:28 pm

Make a basic pickling liquid by bringing to the boil 3cups water, 3cups white vinegar, 1.5cups white sugar, 1.5teaspoons salt. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Put aside to cool.

Blanch vegetables by placing in a pot of boiling water. Remove from heat immediately and rinse with cold water.

Pack vegetables firmly in jars and fill with cold pickling liquid. Store in frig.

For red cabbage - slice cabbage thinly and separate slices into strips. Proceed as above. Place two or three cloves in each bottle for a bit of extra flavour.
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Re: Red Cabbage Pickling etc... ?

Postby karyn » Fri May 23, 2014 2:44 pm

You can buy "pickling spices" in the supermarkets here too. I used the "Menora" brand, in the little green and yellow bags, for my pickled zucchini.
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