insect id please

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insect id please

Postby sansar » Sat Feb 29, 2020 7:36 pm

Hi, am new to the forum, so hello everyone. I have 4 large Hibiscus which i have trained over 8 years. Just moved house, brought them with me in large pots and now being invaded by insects. Look like sand on upper leaves, some white, some black, some brown, the brown ones are solid and actually bleed red if i can squash them. I know the aphid ones. please don't suggest poison as i have hover flies and ladybirds trying to help me out. I'm in Perth, will try to get a photo. Showed a leaf to a gardener who said aphids, spray with Eco Oil. Anyone agree or disagree with this spray. I"m a soapy water girl, not keen on poison.Thanks in advance
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