Tips to help identification

A forum to post photos and descriptions of plants and garden pests for possible identification by other Forum members. Identification may not be possible but it never hurts to ask.

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Tips to help identification

Postby ian » Wed Jun 18, 2008 8:51 am

The following tips on posting a plant or pest for identification:

  • in the subject heading use information about what is to be identified eg 'ID small shrub', 'ID pink flower' or 'ID Pest on lemon tree';
  • wherever possible include a thumbnail or small image of item to be identified. Include more than one photo if this provides additional information - eg picture of entire plant and close-up of flower;
  • always include your location eg Melbourne eastern suburbs, outback QLD or NSW alps as this is very useful;
  • for plants include as much information as possible such as plant size, flower size, colour, location where it is growing (in shade, in fork of tree etc), description of leaves and stem if not obvious from the photo and if relevant if it is deciduous, grows from a bulb etc.;
  • for garden pests include information on size, what is being affected by it, whether it is a single pest or if it is present in numbers, whether it flies etc.
Please be patient as it may take a little while for the person who knows the plant or pest to read the post. Also, don't be discouraged if no-one can identify it, plant pests in particular can be difficult to identify without physically seeing it in situ.
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