Plant ID - is this plant a weed or native?

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Plant ID - is this plant a weed or native?

Postby newnative » Wed Jun 25, 2014 10:05 am

Friend or foe??
Hi, i live in North Central Victoria near Kyneton. I am irradicating weeds in my native grassland. This plant features quote strongly, and i have not been spraying it because i am not sure if its a weed or native. It tends to grow into large groups, is totally procumbent, the plant is around 100mm across usually, although can be bigger or smaller. It has small spikes of tiny, colourless (greeny/brown) burr-like flowers, maybe spring or summer (can't remember) that don't seem to have any petals and are held on a long wiry sort of stem that often leans over. In winter the leaves go red, in summer it seems to shrink somewhat but does appear to keep growing. Leaf wise i know it looks a bit like geranium species but its not. Does anyone have an idea what it is please?
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Re: Plant ID - is this plant a weed or native?

Postby greg.l » Wed Jun 25, 2014 11:26 am

It is probably an Erodium, maybe E. moschatum, which is exotic. I have a lot of native geraniums on my place as well as erodium which I think are mainly exotics, the only native Erodium on plantnet is E. crinitum,
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