Which plant is this? Please help!

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Which plant is this? Please help!

Postby youvee » Wed Mar 14, 2018 8:27 am

Hi All,

Am here after a long time. A friend of ours gifted this plant to us and neither our friend nor us know which plant this is. Could someone please help identify it so that we can take good care of it.

- What is the name of the plant?
- Is this an indoor plant or an outdoor one?
- If outdoor, should it be placed in full/partial sun or in shade?
- Should this necessarily be potted in ground or can it be re-planted in a larger pot?
- Being a succulent, what are its watering needs?
- Any special care instructions?

Any help will be much appreciated. Even getting the plant name will help us explore ourselves answers to our other questions. Thanks in advance!

Btw, we are based in Melbourne.

(For some reason, the images have been uploaded in a 90-degrees rotated orientation. Not sure why though. The originals have correct orientation. Please bear with this error.)

Warm Regards,

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