What is a good tall hedge?

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What is a good tall hedge?

Postby poppyringo » Sun Feb 08, 2009 1:01 pm

I'm located in Sydney. I need a tall hedge (over 4m) or small trees to block a two storey house at the back of my garden. It doesn't need to be formal and clipped - i'd prefer an informal high block out. The area has very good fertile mulched soil and probably fair drainage (very deep the soil is fairly sandy). It also gets all day sun - literally no shade. I don't want conifers or pines. I'm not a massive fan of Acmena Smithii but it may have to be the choice as they seem quite hardy and word is that you can't go wrong! I'd ideally prefer something with a glossy dark leaf - even small trees that are dense at the head would be ok as the lower part doesn't have to be dense (just once it gets over the fence). Would Muraya take too long and be too short? Would camelias just hate the sun and take too long? Would travellers palms also hate the sun? Thanks!!
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