Help needed. too close to park

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Help needed. too close to park

Postby paul777 » Sat Feb 28, 2009 5:31 am

hello new here
please can i have advice We live close to a park 20 feet away !We are forever being bombarded with beer bottles, stones, cans, nails, We hardly use the back garden anymore due to these attacks We have complained to the parks department But have refused to do anything about it So I’m taking matters in my own hands I need to know what is the best and fastest growing trees or shrubs to cover my back garden Boundary to the park Something to reach a height of 10 foot or more And to fill The gap of over 30 feet And the cheapest way please I want to create a huge hedge !!!!! Someone has told me of
PRUNUS LAUROCERASUS But are £5.99 a plant i wound need many of these ?
Many thanks paul
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Re: help needed. Too close to park

Postby Pam » Sat Feb 28, 2009 5:50 am

Hi Paul. May I enquire where you are please? If plants are costing you in £, I suspect there may be a forum a little closer to home that can help with the most appropriate suggestions.

Nonetheless, given a rough idea of location, I'm sure we'll to the best we can to help with suggestions.
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Re: Help needed. Too close to park

Postby paul777 » Sun Mar 01, 2009 10:35 am

thank you
i live in wales
i have a metel fence there now 6ft they can see right into my home
the problem is the pathway in the park is around 20 feet above our home
the council have refused do put plants there
so today i cut privets and stuck them in the ground hoping they will grow?
when i moved in around 7 years ago i spent around £ 80 on climbing roses al have died !!!!
so it`s off to war first plan is defence !!!
also i have no neighbours so if these privets take i`ll let them grow
the soil is very stony
thanks paul
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Re: Help needed. too close to park

Postby taffyman » Sun Mar 01, 2009 8:42 pm

i live in wales

Ha, a countryman! Cymru am Byth! Stony ground, steep bank - do you live in the valleys Paul? I originally come from Pontypridd and spent my last 14 years in Newport before coming out to Australia.

Privets may not fit the bill for the height you want to go - they grow to a max of about 5 metres, but the Prunus sure will. The Privet will certainly grow in your type of soil - it's like a weed, it'll grow just about anywhere. If you're still suffering the intense cold of winter though the cuttings may not take at this time of the year. Better to wait another month or two and plant as the weather warms up a bit and deciduous trees are budding. Privet also grows very readily from seed but of course, that wouldn't be possible till near your autumn.

Guys in Aust. An English £ is worth about Aus$2.40 at the moment, so £5.99 is worth about Aus$14.40
Have fun, life is way too short for anything else
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