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Daphne Eternal Fragance

PostPosted: Fri Apr 24, 2015 6:22 pm
by Gardennovice
I'm trying to build a new garden bed in a very shady part of our yard. It is on the southside wall of the house which also happens to join an eastern wall of the house. So an L shape. We built an extension on the house 2 years ago which creates this unusual space. The area gets a few hours of sun in the morning when the sun rises. In winter it gets no more sun throughout the day and only a tiny bit of filtered light. In summer it will get some late afternoon sun (as well as the morning rising sun) as the sun is higher in the sky and so the shadow is not as long on the eastern wall. I hope this all makes sense.
Anyway, I was going to plant some winter Daphne here - we already have one small plant there anyway - the Daphne Odora, as I know it only likes filtered sun. But when I went to a plant nursery today all I could find was the new Daphne Eternal fragrance. This is a more hardy plant but I am concerned that it may need more sun to survive than it can get in this area.
So can anyone tell me if this new Daphne Eternal Fragance needs to be in sun a lot more than the area I describe would allow, or should I keep looking for the common Daphne Odora? I think the new one does sound better and more durable and I think I would probably prefer it because of this if I knew it would be getting enough sun.

Re: Daphne Eternal Fragance

PostPosted: Sun Apr 26, 2015 6:18 am
by greg.l
To me that looks like a Daphne alpina type. I think it is probably just as shade tolerant as D. odora. I don't know whether to believe all the marketing hype, particularly about the fragrance, I suspect it won't be as fragrant as odora, also it may be a bit slower growing, though the foliage will probably look more tidy on the eternal fragrance. Odora is easy from cuttings if you can get any, also it is always for sale if you look around.