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Site rankings

Postby DrDuncs » Fri Nov 20, 2009 12:58 pm

I'm sure this has been posted somewhere before, but couldn't find it. From a look at the member list the current ranking system works something like the following

(number of posts) Rank
(1 - 2) Apprentice
(3 - 5) Lawm Trimmer
(6 - 9) Weeder
(10-14) Cultivator
(15-24) Pruner
(25-49) Propagator
(50-75) Groundsperson
(75-99) Gardener
(100-200) Head Gardener
(201-500) Curator
(501-750) Senior Curator
(751-1000) Head Curator
(1001-2000) Gardening Sage
(2000+) Gardening Wizard

We have two esteemed members in excess of 10,000 posts (Congrats Pam and The Estate). I think we should have a special rank for 10,000 plus posts, perhaps 'Gardening Guru' and then at 50,000 posts 'Gardening Encyclopedia'.

Also maybe strech out the first few rankings a bit more. You can start out with a few posts and before you have even realised you have gone up a couple of ranks.

I know the rankings are just for a bit of fun, so just a thought and not sure if you can update existing rankings (eg if Lawn Trimmer started at 10 posts, could you change someone with 7 posts from Weeder to Apprentice?)
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