Caring for your Hand Tools - 3 Socks

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Caring for your Hand Tools - 3 Socks

Postby DrDuncs » Tue Dec 29, 2009 2:53 pm

After each use of your hand tools:

Sock 1 - clean off any dirt using sock 1 dipped in soap and water and give a quick rinse.
Sock 2 - dry off the tool using sock 2, paying particular attention to the metal parts.
Sock 3 - place a small amount of oil on the metal parts and rub all over using sock 3.

Hey presto, your tools are ready to go for next time and hopefully for many years to come. And you were going to throw those poor little socks with a hole in the toe or one that had lost their best friend in the world (the other sock) away.....
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