Green Manure

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Green Manure

Postby Sam » Tue Aug 18, 2009 10:11 am

If you have lifted everything in a section of the garden and aren't ready to plant straight away, plant a crop of green manure - such as alfalfa lucerne, lupins, lab lab beans - anything in the legume family is good.

This will stop any weed infestations and really help your garden.

Legumes have very deep roots and bring lots of goodies up from deep below your garden. They are also nitrogen fixers which help future plantings.

When they get to about a foot high, dig them back into the garden where they will break down beautifully. Lucerne mulch can also be slashed and laid out in the garden to dry, then used as mulch. Don't use straight away as it will be too hot.

After we had pulled out a crop of lucerne, we found our feet could just 'fall' so deep into the soil - it was so nice and soft. Future plantings in the area were superb.
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