Getting Children into Gardening

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Getting Children into Gardening

Postby Sam » Thu Aug 20, 2009 11:18 am

Vegies are probably one of the most interesting things for children to grow as they get to see the whole process.

Get them a little set of tools and gloves so they feel more involved.

Shopping for seeds and seedlings with them also helps. Make sure they grow things that they like and make sure you have a good mix of things that grow at different rates to keep their interest. Also grow a couple of things they aren't usually interested in. We found that stuff they didn't like from the shops they would at least try if it was picked from the garden. They even like taking spinach on their sandwiches now.

Let them help decide where to plant. If you have any of their old toys that would be suitable they are a great way of recycling, too. Old toy trucks and things look pretty cool.

This in turn also leads to them starting to take responsibility - they have to help with watering and weeding and they can also start emptying the compost. We're also looking at starting a worm farm for them to look after.

If they are at kindy or school, let them take photos of the whole process to take for show and tell when they take in the 'fruits of their labours'. We've taken corn which has then been cooked and also watermelon. The girls then showed the other children how to save the watermelon seed on paper towel and when to plant.

Things like peas are also good for the kids to make climb up the trellises and also for the lunchbox (if they last more than a metre or two from the bush).

If you don't have your own kids, you can start on nieces and nephews. We gave ours their own cherry tomatoes when they were quite young. I think they're still growing in that garden, and also at their kindy as they raised more to share.
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