Cheap grow house for seed propagation

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Cheap grow house for seed propagation

Postby Systema_Naturae » Wed Aug 26, 2009 6:36 pm


Any gardening enthusiasts salivates at the sight of a full sized (and full-stocked) one. They're brilliant environments for growing tender plants in the colder months, as well as propagating seedlings and striking cuttings. The problem is they can be expensive to purchase and maintain.

For the home vegetable gardener, a cheap and easy way to propagate seedlings is to make a mini-greenhouse out of cheap materials. Here's a method I've been recommending to budding vegetable gardeners for a few years now that is not only cheap, but easy to put together (and it works a treat):

All you need is a clear (or opaque) plastic storage box or bin, like the ones commonly available at your local $2 shop. They usually retail for around $10 in all manner of sizes. Some even have wheels, which is great for moving them with plants inside them! The rule of thumb I use is that one or two standard seedling trays should fit snugly inside them.


You simply drill two holes in the top of the lid for air circulation, and one or two in the base for excess water to drain out of them after you irrigate. Some boxes even have lids that aren't in direct contact with the box, they're separated by ribs running along the inside of the lid, so they don't seal the box when you put the lid on. With such lids, it isn't necessary to drill holes in the lid as adequate air circulation will be happen without extra holes.

In the hotter months it is necessary to cover these make-shift greenhouses with 70% shade cloth to avoid over-heating. On days of extreme heat, simply attach a peg to each corner of the box and lay the lid on top - this will avoid cooking your seedlings if it gets too hot. Alternatives, you can drill several holes in the walls of the box that you can cover with gaffer tape, and uncover them when hotter days are forecast.

Using opaque plastic boxes is best for striking cuttings in, clear ones for propagating seeds.

This method is ideal for people on a tight budget, as well as those who are limited in space.

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Re: Cheap grow house for seed propagation

Postby jayendra » Sun Sep 13, 2009 8:16 pm

excellent - easy to move, stack, take inside, leave little pots in there like styrafoam cups.
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