Planting seeds to insure maximum germination.

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Planting seeds to insure maximum germination.

Postby Durgan » Sun Sep 13, 2009 3:38 am

Planting seeds to insure maximum germination. 12 September 2009 Planting seeds to insure maximum germination.
Pots used are are plastic cups. Five drainage holes are burnt around the periphery using a common soldering iron. The periphery is chosen to supply drainage, and to leave a small space to retain water.

Soil is my own mix previously prepared. The seeded pots are placed in an individual gusseted bag so the pots are on a essentially level surface. The bag presents an environment that is high in humidity, which is probably the most important necessity for good germination. When the plants have germinated well the bags are opened. The bags also prevent water from draining out of the pots, which can be a nuisance.

Pots are placed in a bright window. Grow lamps are avoided. A heating pad is sometimes used under the containers, if deemed necessary. The pad is one of those simple body heating pads used for muscle treatment. Cheap and effective.

The plants will be thinned to one per pot after they have reached a strong appearing condition. When transplanting the pots are often cut open to minimize any root disturbance.

Germination is near 100% using this method.
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