Multiply Bulbs.

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Multiply Bulbs.

Postby abwal » Sun Oct 04, 2009 11:21 am

Bulbs can be cut into sections and the sections used to grow new bulbs.

Remove all of the outside, brown 'skin', from the bulb and trim back the top of the bulb to remove any leaf sections. Trim back the roots to the base plate without damaging the base plate. Cut the bulb into segments from top to bottom making sure that each segment has part of the base plate attached. Place the cut segments in fungicide and allow them to sit for thirty minutes to one hour. Place moist vermiculite in a plastic bag and add the bulb segments. Close the top of the bag with a rubber band and place it in a dark plastic bag (e.g a garbage bag) and store in a shady spot. Check the progress of the segments from time to time and when roots appear the new plants can be potted up.

With liliums, simply pull off scales from the sides making sure to include part of the base plate. Place the scales in fungicide and the into a bag as with the segments. Scales can also be planted into any free-draining mix in pots so the base is under the mix with the top of the scale above the surface.
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