Tee-pee-rrific plant protection!

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Tee-pee-rrific plant protection!

Postby Carolyn1978 » Fri Oct 30, 2009 12:59 pm

I have just moved from the NSW Central Coast where my dog, my neighbours three cats and a large family of bush turkeys all agreed that my front garden was just the best spot to scratch about or roll around in the sun - on top of my newly planted seedlings and plants of course! Every little seedling or plant I put in would be crushed or scratched out within days. I tried all sorts of deterrants including running out of the house with a water pistol whenever I saw them :lol: but in the end came up with the following simple idea that solved my problem.

When I planted something I would gather 6 or so good firm sticks, about twice the height of the plant I was putting in. I would push the sticks into the ground around the plant at an angle to form a very sparse tee-pee. Safe under their little tee pees my plants were never touched, the animals rolled around or scratched elsewhere where there were no plants to damage. Once a plant was established in a few months I removed the sticks and by then the it was rooted in well enough to withstand the pesky interlopers.

This little trick has worked for me every time. Of course my front yard did look a little crazy at first with it's village of tee pees :? but it only took a few months to get the garden established and then I only needed the odd tee-pee for any new plants I put in.
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