Keep weeds at bay from dry creek bed gardens.

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Keep weeds at bay from dry creek bed gardens.

Postby brendanb » Mon Nov 09, 2009 7:09 am

Plastic weed mats does not stop weeds in the long term and ends up looking terrible:


It also impeded infiltration of rainfall into the soil and prevents worm activity that improves the quality of the soil.

Instead of laying your river stones on plastic weed mat, lay down a thick layer, 8 - 10cm, of tree mulch from a local tree lopper.
Be sure to spray any weeds with herbicide before doing this as tree mulch prevents germination of weed seeds but often does not stop already established weeds like artichoke thistle, Philaris and Paspallum.
Compact this down with a roller or simply wait several weeks for it to settle naturally.
Then lay your rivers stones over this.
Your dry creek bed garden will remain largely weed free for at least 2-3 years where weeds are very likely to be encroaching on your garden bed if you had have used weed mat, particularly where you have cut holes it for the ornemental plants.
If you want an irrigation system then lay this under the mulch and insert individual drippers for each plant.
As the mulch will attract earth worms by their hundreds which enrich the soil with organic matter and over time, heavy clay soil will become quite friable.
Some time after 3 years it will be necessary to scrape back the stones, refresh the mulch and replace the river stones.
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