Chilly and Capsicums dying!

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Chilly and Capsicums dying!

Postby Paul B » Mon Nov 28, 2005 8:38 pm


I am rather traumatised over my dying chilly and capsicums. I took a leaf to a gardening shop and they said we had spider mites. We got some mite spray and that seemed to do the trick and they started getting healthy again. Now they are dying fast again.

I have been spraying them fairly regularly, however, I am hoping I haven't been too excessive and that now I am killing them with too much love.

The leaves have been shrivelling up and bubbling. There are orange spots on the underside of them, but no sign of any aphids or the like.

Can anybody offer me some good advice?

Many thanks,

Paul B

Postby Marrion » Tue Nov 29, 2005 7:59 am

Hi Paul, any chance of a photo of the problem? and could you tell us your location as this sometimes helps too.


Postby jack » Tue Nov 29, 2005 4:11 pm

stay away from the chemicals, remember chilli/capsicum plants are very cheap to buy as seedlings and very very easy to grow from seed.
i would bin not compost those plants, dig them up and then dig in some good organic compost, then mulch.
with these plants and i have a lot here, the key is heat in the air and cool feet. they like to be growing in cool soil with warm to hot air, so mulch them heavily and keep the soil moisture up.
with the spider mites, if you keep the chemicals away from the vegie patch and instead have a few more insect friendly plants, like marigolds planted in or around your plants and keep the herbs close as well then you should be mostly pest free.
another point to remember is their is good and bad mites, spraying kills both. a website for more info
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Postby Luzy » Tue Nov 29, 2005 8:10 pm

Hi Paul B,

Marrion has a good point when asking for your location as, if you're in the south, capsicums and chillies are just starting to happen. But if you're more northerly, things would be much more advanced.

If you're southerly and having so many problems, I'd say rip the plants out and start again with advanced seedlings, though I have found that in Melbourne area capsicums will cope with two seasons as long as you can protect them from frost over winter.

Spider mites like a nice, dry environment, so upping the humidity (by spraying the plants with water) can make the mite's environment less enticing. I've got no idea about the 'bubbling leaves' though all I can imagine that it might be something as simple as a caterpillar having a bite that makes the leaf curl around its veins. But I'm no expert.

The orange spots could be rust - if you rub your finger on those spots, do you get a 'rusty' smear on your skin?

For me, it would all come down to how well advanced those plants are vs the time left in your growing season. Do you want to persevere? Or start again?

A weekly dose of diluted seaweed fertiliser might give your plants the strength to soldier on??? :? :?
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