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Postby bell » Thu Jan 05, 2006 10:16 am

hi i just purchased a house with a large garden so this will be the first of many questions i am sure as i have never had a garden before:

i just discovered i have a blueberry bush/tree/plant (or whatever it is called). The only problem is it is looking very sick, when most other blueberries around here are ripe and full or fruit, mine is struggling to even produce leaves. The leave i do have are full of holes and there are only 2 branches/stalks that have leaves on them, there is a couple of berries but they are not ripening up.

The plant gets good sun during the day and is on a slight slope so is well drained. It is next too a conifer type plant (stand s about 2m tall and is light green and prickly), could this plant be harming the blueberry???

Also is there someone you can hire that can come into your garden and tell you what all your plants are and how to look after them?? There are things popping up all the time in my garden and i have no idea what they are.
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Postby Shotgun Paul. » Thu Jan 05, 2006 5:46 pm

Afternoon Bell,

You might want to talk to Marrion she is one smart gardener and lives
in Tassie as well.

Paul. 8) :)
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Postby Marrion » Thu Jan 05, 2006 5:56 pm

Shotgun Paul. wrote:Afternoon Bell,

You might want to talk to Marrion she is one smart gardener and lives
in Tassie as well.

Flattery will get you nowhere, Paul :lol: :lol:

Welcome to the forum, Bell, I'm sure you will enjoy it.
I'm not sure about the Blueberries as I have never grown them. Would love to help you out with plant ID, it would be a good excuse to visit your lovely area. :)

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