Feeding My Beans, etc...

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Feeding My Beans, etc...

Postby abrogard » Thu Dec 15, 2011 9:01 am

Being a simpleton I'm at a bit of a loss at to what to do with my Bunnings soluble fertilizer.

I have these snap beans that are fruiting and, of course, flowering... this'll go on for some time won't it, isn't that how it works? And I have these pumpkins doing a similar thing. And I have Pak Choy still at seedling stage and cucumbers as young plants and cucumbers as seedlings and climbing beans as young plants and tomatoes as fruiting plants..

Now I want to fertilize them all with this fertilizer.

But it says for 'fruiting vegetables' to use weekly 'before buds form and flowering finishes..'

Which suggests to me that you don't use it after buds have formed and, therefore, fruit has set.

So don't use on the beans, or tomatoes, or pumpkin.

But I feel plants bearing fruit need all the food they can get - should be fed at this stage.....

Leafy vegies are alright, it just says use weekly and we can assume for the whole of their lifetime.

Can anyone give me simple guidelines as to how to use this soluble fertilizer for my garden - and perhaps please indicate what dangers, what I might do by over fertilising and how to know, how to recognise it.

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