Peppers/Capsicum Flower Dying Back.

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Peppers/Capsicum Flower Dying Back.

Postby abrogard » Mon Mar 05, 2012 9:35 am

We've got rather stunted hot pepper or capsicum plants which have just begun to get a move on and show signs of life. They've produced flowers and were generally looking good. But suddenly most of the flowers have the petals turn brown and crumple up.

Not at all, my wife says, who knows a bit about gardening where I know nothing, the way they would naturally after fertilization.

In other words she believes there's something wrong and if there is it should be jumped on quick.

Can anyone offer any suggestions? The plants are in 10 litre buckets in potting mix. They're watered after drying out first. The sun has not been fierce recently.
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