Q about my Fruit trees...

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Q about my Fruit trees...

Postby mickgibs » Mon Jan 14, 2013 4:54 pm


Shortly after we built our house 3 1/2 years ago I planted:
- A double grafted Nactarine
- An Imperial Mandarin
- A double grafted Apple

But they haven't done as well as I'd hoped, and I was hoping someone can help me with the Apple and Mandarin;

a. The Apple tree hasn't really grown at all, and the last 2 seasons only produced 2 small apples on one grafted side only - there's virtually no new growth on the tree at all since it was planted.

b. The Mandarin tree has grown quite well, with lots of new growth - and this season is the first time it has produced fruit - However, it started with about 100 small fruit - most of which hasn't grown and dropped off while still very, very small. Some of the small fruit even turned yellow before dropping off. There's still a couple of dozen left, and some certainly seem to be growing properly, but I reckon I might only get 15 decent fruit.

The nectarine tree seems to be doing quite well - except for some leaf curl I'm battling. So it's not all bad.

When I planted them, I noticed that the top soil was fairly shallow (perhaps 15-20cm at most), and there was a lot of clay underneath. But perhaps more importantly, the Top Soil is really quite hard - quite tough to get a spade through - also, the area is surrounded completely by grass.

Does anyone have any advice for me?

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Re: Q about my Fruit trees...

Postby tam » Mon Jan 14, 2013 7:30 pm

I had to replant my custard apple tree and built a mound around 20cm higher than ground level.
I put gypsum in the hole before filling with a good farmers blend. After planting and watering it settled a little and I have put around 15cm sugarcane mulch on top.
The tree has taken off and I am hoping for fruit this year. The hole was around 1mtr round.
You need to get the grass away from under your trees.
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Re: Q about my Fruit trees...

Postby Temora140 » Wed Jan 16, 2013 8:01 pm

I would in Winter, transplant these trees into a mounded garden, Make certain you use lots of compost and any other organics you can get, like mature cow or horse manure, seasol weekly for the next 6 weeks and then once a month till spring. Make certain that the trees are watered regularly. A deep water at least once week. I water mine twice a week and fertilse them with dynamic lifter every month from August till May. I use some Citrus fertilser on my Mandarin in Spring, Summer and Autumn as well. Alos with your Mandarin give it a dose of Potassium sulphate in Autumn and mid Spring this will help make the fruit sweet and juicy. As Tam said get the grass away from the trees, mulch out to the drip line on the trees with peastraw, sugarcane or lucerne hay.
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