Plum tree cross pollination

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Plum tree cross pollination

Postby fordguy1 » Mon Jan 13, 2014 4:47 pm

Hi I am posting this on my fathers behalf to try and help him.
My father has two plum trees one is a Mariposa and the other one is a Santa Rosa.
He wants to cross pollinate them but they don't flower at the same time as each other, there is about 3 to 4 weeks difference from when one flowering to the other.
Is there any way to make both flower at the same time ?
I really hope someone could help or give advice.
Many thanks much appreciated.
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Re: Plum tree cross pollination

Postby tam » Tue Jan 14, 2014 8:29 pm

You can freeze pollen. Put it in an air tight jar or cliplock bag.
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Re: Plum tree cross pollination

Postby greg.l » Wed Jan 15, 2014 5:14 am

Santa Rosa is partly self fertile so should be fine. If there are any other plum trees in the area they will pollinate his trees. Frost and soft rot are problems for plums.
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Re: Plum tree cross pollination

Postby goldbullion » Sun Feb 02, 2014 3:42 pm

Interesting problem as Santa Rosa is considered a universal pollinator for Jap plums. Do you get any Mariposa plums at all?
Sometimes young trees can have their flowering a little out of whack until they settle.
My father has Mariposa and also has a Narrabeen plum and gets good crops on both trees every year.
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