how long does it take for paw paws to ripen

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how long does it take for paw paws to ripen

Postby dingosrun » Sat May 24, 2014 8:35 am

My paw paw tree is about 6ft tall and has a number of full size paw paw on it and has had for a number of months, but they are all green and there is no hint of change. I even picked one six weeks ago and placed it on the windowsill but it hasn't changed colour either, and is about to start rotting. Any ideas, info, hints?? :roll:
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Re: how long does it take for paw paws to ripen

Postby HortMaster » Wed May 28, 2014 2:30 pm

Hi Dingosrun,

Paw Paw is one of my favourite things to grow:) You may not realise that you can use the green fruit like you would a vegetable, grated in salads. Just peel it and remove the seeds. If you want the fruit to ripen in must change colour on the tree first BEFORE you pick it. It only needs to be a slight yellowing and then it can be picked and ripened fully off the tree. Don't put it on a sunny window sill though, just leave it in your fruit bowl with some bananas if possible but without is fine too. Ripening time on the tree is extremely variable, depending on your location, soil type, and the time of year... so basically just look for the colour change in the fruit and then you know it's time to pick it;) Always keep your seeds too as each generation gets a little more suited to the environment you are growing them in. I've got these monstrous ones that branch out and have delicious sweet fruit
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